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Epsil, the Epsimon Empty Epsil, the Epsimon

Post by Silim on Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:47 pm

Digimon Template

Digimon Name/Nickname: Epsil, the Epsimon

Digimon Age: Nearly as old as the network itself.

Digimon History: Epsilomon, the timeflow Digimon - born at the dawn, like many other of the more well-known legendary Digimon. The first thing he ever saw was his god and father, Yggdrasiel, and he was destined to be part of the great network god forever, watching that time may flow indefinitely for the digital world. Needless to say, this was a thankless job - nobody even remembered that he existed after a time. He was simply there, watching, directing. And for most of his lifespan, that was enough for him. He knew nothing else, how was he supposed to hate it?
But then, he saw something. A ripple in time - a crisis approaching, big enough to rip apart the digital world completely. Notifying Yggdrasiel had a big part in why so many Digimon crossed the gap between worlds to stop the disaster, but all their efforts went to nothing really quick - Epsilomon foresaw this, and for the first time, he was scared. Breaking free of his programming, he seperated from the central hub of Yggdrasiel and scouted the network himself. There, he found someone - someone intelligent and bored with her own world, one who could help him turn the tide. Forging a deal with her, Epsilomon was downloaded into the real world...
But his filesize was simply too large. Breaking down into only his bare basic digi-core, he was reborn as a digi-egg, which finally hatched into Epmon, the lowest form of his unique digivolution cycle. Absorbing data on the subject matter of time and it's workings, he digivolved after three days into Epsmon, his In-Training stage - regaining his ability to speak relatively quick, he and Kanna took their first trip into the then still existing digital world, during which he was able to slowly regain more data - and after a week in the digital plane, he digivolved into Epsimon again, his Rookie form and so far standard form in the human world. Retaining a few of his abilities, he taught Kanna how to play the piano, amongst other things - but his memory also slowly came back, and as protests of the Digimon in the real world became louder, a big chunk of his original purpose returned, as he tried to convince Kanna to voice herself as well and maybe even take drastic measures. However, lacking his full memory, he also lacked the information needed to convince Kanna that the digital world would truely be completely destroyed - until it was too late. And now, stuck in the real world with his partner, Epsimon is searching for his lost memory, self and a way to regain his home...

Egg Form

Egg Appearance: A simple red egg with a black clock with white numbers and arms on the front of it.

Fresh Form

Digimon Species: Epmon

Fresh Appearance: Epmon resembles a red blob, the only distinguisable features are a black slit serving as the mouth and two orange eyes that close quickly when light falls into them.

Fresh Personality: Epmon is a very curious, playful and happy little fresh Digimon, lacking any strongly evolved personality traits of his later forms. He doesn't like scary things like ghosts, but has a natural empathy that makes him either like or dislike people based on their hearts.

In-Training Form

Digimon Species Epsmon

In-Training Appearance: Epsmon looks like a slightly bigger red dot from a distance, but is actually a detached, red hood pulled over an unseeable body underneath. Only two shining orange eyes are seen from beneath, and sometimes, the white teeth of a mouth.

In-Training Personality: Epsmon is still a curious and slightly carefree Digimon, but he has a sense of right and wrong now. His empathy evolves as well, making him able to read a persons feelings with almost absolute certainty, although strong personalities are obviously harder to read. Epsmon doesn't like deception, and is nearly immune to it himself, thus making quite the explosive pair with his partner. He loves solving mysteries and secrets of the digital world and real world, and never seems to stop learning new things.

Rookie Form

Digimon Species: Epsimon

Rookie Appearance:
With his masking:
Epsil, the Epsimon Chrono_Main
Appearance underneath the clothing:
Epsil, the Epsimon Chrno_Crusade___Chrono_by_leadervance
Epsimon is different from a lot of Digmon in this form in that he closely resembles a humanoid figure or a humanoid demon, to be more precise. He stands at 1.45m, shorter than his partner, has deep violet hair, slightly tanned skin and his typical orange eyes - a red headband keeps the wild, spiky violet hair from obstructing his view. He still differs from an actual human in clearly visible parts - his ears are pointy and long, his hands end in retractable claws instead of fingers, and most obviously, his appearance sometimes 'flickers'.
However, part of even this appearance are an actual deception and masking he uses thanks to Kanna's help - his eye-color is the result of contact lenses, naturally, there is nothing but static to be seen within his eyes, like a bad TV image. The long ponytail is also a fakeout, his hair is normally wild-flowing and can even act against all laws of physics from time to time. His clothing has a red hood attached, which he usually has over his head to avoid detection, which then also hides his long ponytail underneath the cloak.

Rookie Personality: This is where things start to become more... complex. Epsimon is surprisingly melancholic, sad about losing his memory and old identity, which always slips away when he tries to grasp it. He is rather friendly - not talking too much, though. Thanks to being a Data type, he can sometimes be actually quite violent - trying to harm people and Digimon close to him makes him appear almost as demonic as a Virus type, leading to him trying to surpress his instincts so he doesn't harm those around him accidentally. He has a passion for music, especially the piano, and is able to play it himself. He is eager and willing to teach other people how to play music, too.
His sadder half is often overshadowed with the help of his partner, though. Thanks to her constant friendly harrassments and poking fun at him, he is often times too busy staying sane and actually having fun to think too much about his fate and abilities, something that helps surpressing his fears as well, making her a real life-saver. He believes that a strong will can change the world, and that one day, he'll be able to restore his home, and with it, his true identity - although a lingering fear remains that it would maybe be better to not regain the identity at all and that staying 'Epsil' would work out better for him...

Champion Form

Digimon Species: Epsilmon

Champion Appearance:
Epsil, the Epsimon 10mkjlx
Epsilmon retains much of his original Epsimon appearance, although he is taller now, standing at 1.70 meters. His clothing changes into brown colors with added white fur around the neck, and a blue chestplate halfway hidden underneath the leather-like jacket. His claws are still retractable, but always stay slightly out, giving his fingers a pointy and sharp appearance. His hair is now a lot smoother and no longer bound by anything, and the static behind his eyes is replaced by a natural deep red eye-color. Around his neck, Epsilmon wears a golden, apparently broken clock, which serves an unknown process - looking at it gives everyone a weird, bad feeling.

Champion Personality: Epsilmon only gains a few personality traits, he stays like Epsimon for the most part. What he regains is a protective sense towards time itself, and he doesn't take kindly to people trying to manipulate it, or the fabric of digital fields themselves. He is also even more protective over friends and partners, but his more happy self doesn't come out as often - he can be a lot more serious than usual in this form, though. His skin color lights up from the slight tan it had before, and his clothing lacks a hood to cover up his unnatural features, making him clearly visible as a Digimon to everyone at all times.

Ultimate Form

Digimon Species: Epsilomon

Ultimate Appearance: Epsil, the Epsimon The-real-Chrono
Epsil's strongest change so far. He now stands at 2.30 meters, quite a bit taller than any normal human, has a wider build, two black, bat-like wings on the back and three violet gems on the forehead where his headband had formerly hidden them underneath three white dots placed at the same position. His hair is now shorter and very smooth,, the ears grow a lot longer, and two horns grow out of his head, all in addition go giving Epsil a more mature, serious look at all times on his face. His armored jacket is kept open, revealing a steeled chest and muscles, while his leather-like, armored pants cover the legs completely, together with his feet now being replaced by more claw-like ones. In the middle of the point where his wings grow out of the shoulders, he also has a long, segmented and sharp tail that goes down unto the ground and can be moved around freely.

Ultimate Personality: Epsilomon, the fierce protector, and true identity of Epsil - he regains his sense of duty towards Yggdrasiel in this form, and can appear to be a bit stoic at times. His aggressive nature is more prominent now than usual, leading to him being mistaken for a Virus type from time to time - but he is in fact still a Data type.

Mega Form

Digimon Species: to be added later

Mega Appearance: to be added later

Mega Personality: to be added later

Roleplaying Sample: You know how I RP.

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Epsil, the Epsimon Empty Re: Epsil, the Epsimon

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:06 pm

I have an issue. Your app goes from rookie appearance to champion personality. After you fix that, approved.


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Epsil, the Epsimon Empty Re: Epsil, the Epsimon

Post by Silim on Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:14 pm

fixed. a faulty spoiler tag ate about half of the text and formatting.


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Epsil, the Epsimon Empty Re: Epsil, the Epsimon

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:47 pm

Yes. This is approved as well. Feel free to fill out your digivice at any times, using your approved tamer rank of intermediate level for your base points.


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Epsil, the Epsimon Empty Re: Epsil, the Epsimon

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