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Judas' Digivice

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Judas' Digivice

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:52 pm

Digivice Appearance: Judas' Digivice is simply an app on his white iPhone 4s. The application icon is a simple Digivice from Digimon Adventures 01, and when activated, his screen is replaced with a binary wall of green 0's and 1's, which eventually scrolls up to reveal the app, with individual icons for each function.

Paired Tamer: Judas Knightt


Registered Cards

Card Name: Blessing of Devimon
Card Effect: After using this card, Giles gains a pair of large, leathery bat-wings. They are colored black and have casual rips throughout the membrane, although this does not impede their ability for flight. These wings stretch to a total of seven feet long each. Giles uses his Str/Spd stat to determine flight speed. Guilmon is only capable of keeping these wings for three posts before he must pay for them again.
Card Cost: 3 stamina.

Paired Digimon: Giles


Total Experience Unused/Total Banked: 0/14,000

Filesize: 258

Stamina: 194

DCM: 100

Str/Spd: 79

Def: 79


Digi-Soul: Novice (2000)

Data Absorption: Novice (2000)

Custom Skill 1: N/A

Custom Skill 2: N/A

Registered Natural Digivolutions


Technique Name: Pyro Sphere
Technique Effect: Giles focuses digi-soul into his mouth in the form of a highly-compressed ball of Flame-attributed energy. By shooting it toward his target at high speeds, the ball is capable of detonating upon impact. This detonation causes a minor explosion of crimson flames to expand briefly over the target at a radius of one meter squared. This detonation hits for +15 DCM.
Technique Cost: 9 stamina

Technique Name: Valley Burn
Technique Effect: Giles concentrates fire energy into his mouth, similar as before. However, he also concentrates energy into his lungs. By releasing this compress energy as a thin stream and mixing the energy with it slowly, he is capable of holding this stream for an extended period of time, doing some significant damage. It has an incredibly lethal range of 25 feet The DCM stat gains an additional 10 points for the use of this technique.
Technique Cost: 6 stamina

Ultimate Technique Name: Eruption Release
Technique Effect: This is a technique that Giles uses only when someone really pisses him off. By dousing his body in the same flames that he uses for his previous techniques, Giles compresses it against his flesh and causes it to 'pop' out at certain points by striking that area. This releases a lot of pressure and fire-element damage in that spot. By striking the ground with his feet or slashing/punching something and releasing the energy, Giles can use this technique to increase his Str/Spd stat by +30 for a maximum of 5 posts.
Technique Cost: 3 activation cost, 9 per post used.


Technique Name: Crimson Mantra
Technique Effect: After strengthening the blades coming off of his wrist using Digi-Core manipulation, Giles is capable of dealing damage for +5 DCM for every level of mastery he has in Digi-Core Manipulation.
Technique Cost: 3 stamina for activation and 2 stamina per level used per post.

Technique Name: Candle Heart
Technique Effect: This technique is very similar to his Eruption Release, as Giles once more covers his body in compressed fire energy. Instead of providing a massive boost to his strength and speed, however, this technique hardens into a semi-solid, although retaining its energous fluidity. Giles is capable of leaving this technique active for a maximum of five posts. This technique increases Giles defense by 3 tiers.
Technique Cost: 3 stamina activation fee and an additional 6 stamina per post used.

Ultimate Technique Name: Exhaust Flame
Technique Effect: By first greatly expanding his Digi-Soul and then contracting it again into an incredibly compressed ball in his mouth, Giles can unleash a devastating variant of Pyro Sphere that provides a significant increase in power. After detonation, this black ball of fire spreads for nearly three meters in every direction and deals damage equal to DCM +40.
Technique Cost: 21 stamina


Technique Name:
Technique Effect:
Technique Cost:

Ultimate Technique Name:
Technique Effect:
Technique Cost:


Technique Name:
Technique Effect:
Technique Cost:

Ultimate Technique Name:
Technique Effect:
Technique Cost:


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Re: Judas' Digivice

Post by Silim on Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:09 pm

approved and shits.


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