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Giles The Guilmon

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Giles The Guilmon Empty Giles The Guilmon

Post by Judas on Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:38 am

Digimon Template

Digimon Name/Nickname: Guilmon / Giles

Digimon Age: 2 Years

Digimon History: Guilmon had watched the channels for a suitable tamer as the clock ticked down. He was one of the more ferocious of his breed, but knew that if he was going to survive, he was going to need to do whatever it took TO survive. So he watched. He monitered all forms of communication as he could. While others dived into the stream for the real world and took whoever they could, Guilmon knew he had to be smart about it.

And then, as Judas was closing another deal, the Guilmon listened. Yes. The way the boy turning man used his very words as a weapon was the way of the new world, the world based on communication. The era of language and perception. A silvertongue was exactly what he needed. So he jumped into the data stream toward Judas Knightt. Along the way, he forged his special note into the Digivice coding.

Emerging as an egg, he lost existance as a conscious entity. Instead, he remained as an egg until Judas rubbed it enough. After he had done so, the guilmon hatched as a jyarimon. Existing only to survive, all it wanted to do was fight and eat. But it was slowly gaining power. As it and Judas spent more time together and learned about each other, it leveled up into In-Training, Gigimon. The football-sized reptile was a curious little monster, learning to speak perfect english within a matter of weeks.

And then, after nearly two weeks, rookie. The guilmon was finally back to its normal self. Requesting a nickname of Judas, he felt he was above his kind as an average, and wished to show that with his own tag. Respecting that, Judas rechristened him "Giles" for his seductive and vicious personality, coming from the pronounciation of the "Guiles" in his name. Altering its initial sound, this guilmon's name is pronounced with a J sound instead of a soft G.

The two immediately began using their full potential to live life as comfortably and simply as possible.

The First three forms, Egg, Fresh, and In-Training are not required for registration. However, everything after that is.

Egg Form

Egg Appearance: The egg is very simple. Roughly the same size as all digi-eggs, this one had a deep crimson shell with the black digi-hazard symbol design painted on the front.

Fresh Form

Digimon Species: Jyarimon

Fresh Appearance:
Giles The Guilmon Jyarimon_b

Fresh Personality: Mentioned in History.

In-Training Form

Digimon Species Gigimon

In-Training Appearance:
Giles The Guilmon Gigimon_b

In-Training Personality: Mentioned in History

Rookie Form

Digimon Species: Guilmon

Rookie Appearance:
Giles The Guilmon Guilmon

As a rookie, Giles takes on the form of a Guilmon. In this stage, he is roughly five feet long, from reptilian nose to reptilian tail tip, and colored a crimson red. Possessing large black claws that come from his hands, he stands bi-pedal and is capable of high-speed movement on both two and four legs. His tail alone is half his length (three feet long) and is helpful in keeping balance. On his chest is the legendary "Digital Hazard" symbol. Atop his ears, Giles' ears appear as red bat-wing shapes.

Rookie Personality: As slick as Judas, Giles typically takes a ruthless attitude. Believing that he is Judas' enforcer in their partnership, he takes it upon himself to be as menacing and as threatening as possible. Appreciating intelligence and knowledge above all things, he is as fond of fine poetry as Judas, and the often get into conversations about it in many out of place scenarios, resulting in HILARIOUS consequences. Speaking english quite fluently, this digimon has a sarcastic attitude and is quite fond of jokes, but his humour is a bit dark.

Champion Form

Digimon Species: Growlmon

Champion Appearance:
Giles The Guilmon Growlmon_b

Now a champion level digimon, Giles has grown to great lengths. Now at a maximum length of sixteen feet, the seven hundred pound dinosaur is absolutely massive. A large tuft of white hair runs down from the top of his scalp, streaming in between his now-triangular ears that sem-resemble horns, and goes down his spine toward the end of his tail. The digi-hazard symbol is abundant across his body now. From his wrists, Growlmon has two large claws running up his arm in mantra-fasion.

Champion Personality: Giles is much larger and he knows it. Flaunting his newfound size and strenght like the drunk quarterback, Giles is quick to show off his new strength in order to boast his acclaimed superiority. Still believing that Judas and he are the perfect match and guaranteed in victory, he goes into every fight with a heavy swagger, a victory cheer on the tip of his tongue.

Ultimate Form

Digimon Species: WarGrowlmon

Ultimate Appearance:
Giles The Guilmon WarGrowlmon_b

Enhancing his physical attributes with machinery, WarGrowlmon utilizes forged steel and enhanced technology to fight his battles. Heavy kaisers are weilded on each arm, their razor sharp blades ready to eviscerate any opponent. On his back, two massive vernier have been implanted. Aside from this, red armor is plated along his neck and head, protecting his weak points from damage. Aside from these additions, he looks like a larger growlmon.

A vernier thruster is a thruster used on a spacecraft for attitude control. It is a smaller thrust motor than main attitude control motors and is used for fine adjustments to the attitude or velocity of a spacecraft. This allows for WarGrowlmon to fly using his Digi-Code Manipulation stat as his speed stat.

Ultimate Personality: When in his ultimate form, Giles is a true destroyer. Believing annihilation is the only solution, he reserves this form for when he doesn't want to see anything anymore. When blood blinds his eyes, he goes into a killing frenzy and destroys anything in his way. This is something he cannot control and must be watched by even Judas, who is liable to damage if he gets in Ultimate Giles' way. When in Ultimate Form, his dialect changes to include a lot of incredibly sophisticated words that generally have a definition involving "illness, death, plague, divide, or armageddon".

Mega Form

Digimon Species: Megidramon

Mega Appearance: Shedding the machines and taking on the most destructive form it could for it's "Mega" form, Giles loses even his legs, instead gaining a massive pair of burning, flat-lined leather wings. Instead of a membrane of flesh, a thin film of sticky lava keeps the digimon alift. By using his Spd/Str stat for his speed, Giles is capable of extended flight. Foregoing legs in liue of a serpentine tail that is even tipped with a rattle, this deadly Digimon is the ultimate dragon of destruction. Displayed proudly on his chest, like a badge, is the Digital Hazard symbol.

Mega Personality: Becoming suddenly much darker and older in personality, Giles acts a lot more like Judas in this form. Preferring to Order than Act, Giles is still incredibly powerful, and when he lets go, the enemy knows it. Adopting a silent yet deadly attitude, Giles loses his lip and loves for jokes, instead focusing on every situation in the most serious manner he can. This seriousness is met with a grim logic. If an obstacle is in the way, destroy it. Repeat until situation is absolved.

Roleplaying Sample: Giles stood at the edge of a grassy cliff, his red and white toes splayed over the long, green blades. Scrunching in his talons, he gouged out a large section of the dirt and grass. His eyes weren't focused on his feet, however. Instead, Giles watched the ever-crashing waves of the ocean. So innocent and pure, yet so destructive in its total force. As a cool, salty breeze played over his head, whipping at his ears and nipping at his eye lids, the calling of several seagulls lit up the sky around them with sound.

Okay, if he ever needed a place to come write poetry, this would be where. Even still, writing poetry wasn't what the digimon existed for. Instead, it was a destroyer. A bringer of great chaos. For a hero to be recognized, it must have a villain to defeat. That is the formula. And Giles had, indeed, found his place within it. He was the villain that the hero had to defeat. But dammit, he'd be a good one.

Turning away from the waters, his long tail swayed over the edge for a moment, but as he walked away, it slunk along the grass behind him. Step after step, the bi-pedal lizard sauntered his way over toward a large tree that was growing half-way from the cliff's peninsulated edge to the meadow it jutted off of. Sitting beneath it was Judas Knightt, his human partner.

Curling up beneath the tree, the reptilian digimon cooled off in the shade. Closing his eyes and resting his ears on the ground limply, he opened one eye and peered over at Judas. "Do you mind if I take a nap? We're not doing anything, are we?" Keeping a steady, confident tone when he spoke with Judas, Giles was careful not to show weakness.

If Judas began to feel he was a useless tool, who knew what would happen. "Go ahead." And with that, a large red eyelid slid down the crimson demon's face, and he slept.


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Giles The Guilmon Empty Re: Giles The Guilmon

Post by Silim on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:39 pm

Approved of your evil lizard of evilness.


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