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AgumonX(Aki) [Done] Empty AgumonX(Aki) [Done]

Post by Loki on Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:59 pm

Digimon Template

Digimon Name/Nickname: Agumon or Aki

Digimon Age:22

Digimon History:Aki is actually a newer type of digimon that was created twenty years before the shut down of the internet. He carries inside him the X-antibody which changes his appearance from that of normal digimon. Two years before the shutting down of the internet Aki met Loki through the digimon app and , Aki with the creation of the Diggi-Egg app Aki was downloaded and came into contact with Loki, the person who had recently gotten the app just to see how an AgumonX looked like.. Later that night the government had pulled the plug on the internet which killed many digimons. Aki was very grateful to Loki that he had selected and AgumonX egg. Now the two travel the world each one with a different plan in mind. Aki wants the digimon and humans to live peacefully and co-exist together, even if the government won't turn back on the internet.

Rookie Form

Digimon Species: Dinosaur Digimon

Rookie Appearance: AgumonX(Aki) [Done] AgumonX
Aki resembles a small dinosaur about 4ft in height and weighing in at about 90lbs. He has a yellow skin tone and and blue stripes on his body. He has a very strong looking bulky medium length tail, and razor sharp claws.

Rookie Personality: Aki is pretty care free in contrast to his partner Loki. He likes having fun and eating new foods. Even though he and Loki most of the time don't see eye to eye hes starting to pick up some of Loki's personality like he has come to embrace the fact that he has to destroy before reconstruction can occur, especially if the digimon are to survive in the new world as equals to the humans. Aki never gives up and always protects his friends. Aki, unlike Loki, doesn't believe that Justice and equality are evil, and that they are necessary to society so that it may grow.
Champion Form

Digimon Species: Dinosaur Digimon

Champion Appearance: AgumonX(Aki) [Done] Greymonx
When Aki digivolves into GreymonX he becomes much more taller standing in at about 12ft and weighing in at about 400lbs. He still retains the same skin tone and stripes on his body. His tail has become much longer and now has a brown helmet that perfectly fits his face, and has three horns on his head, one of them coming out of the top of his nose, the other two coming from behind his eyes.

Champion Personality: Same as above except now he will sometimes get the urge to crush things that are much much smaller then he is.
Ultimate Form

Digimon Species: Cyborg Dinosaur Digimon

Ultimate Appearance:AgumonX(Aki) [Done] 03590125
He has a bit more taller standing in at 20ft in height and weighing in at 600lbs. His upper-body is now robotic his left arm has also become robotic, and his brown "helmet" has become metallic with red hair coming out of the back oh his head. He now has two wings which enable him to fly. His horns also become metallic

Ultimate Personality: Same as above, with the exception he is now more calculating and able to determine how to effectively take out his opponents. He also enjoys firing the rockets from his chest to just to see shit blow up.
Mega Form

Digimon Species: Dragon Man Digimon

Mega Appearance:
AgumonX(Aki) [Done] 6165ea53
Aki now has a humanoid body standing at 10ft tall and weighing in at 320lbs with a muscular build. He now has an orange skin tone and lost his stripes and wings. His upper body is in-cased in armor to protect him form attacks. His head, including his horns, are fully covered in armor with red hair still coming out the sides and back of his head. He has a pair of metallic digizoid shin guards, and two large Dramon claws that he uses as weapons. He also has five fingers, and loses his tail.

Mega Personality: Same as above with the exception that he wants to fully test out his strength and fight stronger opponents. He is now much calmer almost as if he were at peace with his surroundings.

Roleplaying Sample: No.jpg


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AgumonX(Aki) [Done] Empty Re: AgumonX(Aki) [Done]

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:04 pm

Barely approved. xD Nice additions.


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