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Post by Judas on Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:02 pm

Nothing on the internet disappears. Once it gets on there, it's there for good. Because of that, the government is looking to destroy the internet as most of us view it. Instead, they've rationalized that everything that can be performed on a smart phone is exactly what is found acceptable within their laws. By making people only use smart phones for the internet (destroying the web browser function, of course), and using apps for everything, they can remove the internet as a base browser and put a massive dent in child pornography and internet predator spread.

However, this means that most of the Digimon are going to be destroyed. See, our internet and cross-communication lines have gotten so powerful that they spawned living creatures inside of them that function using data instead of flesh and blood. It's a different plane of existence inside our computers! And they have countless numbers. Some are good, some are bad. Some can be evil and anarchistic, while others can be just like us. And every single one of them is going to be destroyed.

In the past, some Digimon traveled to the real world by partnering up with a human. By becoming a team and using a digivice, the two were capable of existing in both worlds. How was a digivice created? There were many methods. One of these methods was quite simple. The download and execution of a .mon file. To put it simply, the crossing of a digimon through the device was strong enough that it actually turned the device into a digivice.

The government wanted smart phones and apps to run the world? Pretty soon, a new application appeared in the app market. "Digi-egg". Soon, every smart phone capable had this app. Suddenly, everyone started downloading this app. At the same time. It wasn't sanctioned by every human, either. The digimon... were downloading themselves to our world. Crossing over by as many as they could, they approached the government and demanded that they stop the act to destroy the internet, that they were people too!

But they wouldn't listen. That night, at midnight, the plug was pulled. The internet was destroyed, and countless digital lives were lost. However, a potential billion digimon have crossed over to our world. They have teamed up in an effort to exist, to get stronger. Who knows? Maybe if enough of them get together and prove themselves, the government will turn the internet back on and give them back their home.

Or maybe, just maybe, make this home their own.


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