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What Is Your Goal? (Open)

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What Is Your Goal? (Open) Empty What Is Your Goal? (Open)

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:16 pm

The blue sky was never quite the same after the digimon traversed to our world. Instead of a crystal blanket of saphire beauty, the sky was laced with random streams of color, ranging from pink to blue to green. Staring at it as he walked, Judas Knightt pondered what that meant. Were they in the 'real world', or was the data floating around the planet enough to constitute it as the 'digital world'? Was this even 'His World' anymore? Suddenly, instinct told him to duck. Dropping to a low crouch, a frisbee sped over his head. Annoying kids. Looking over at the immature children playing on the flat fields that topped the large cliff they were on, Judas sneered.

Returning his attention to the path ahead of him, he continued silently for several large strides before being alerted to something at his hip. His iPhone had started vibrating, and a melodous theme began playing. Reaching into his pocket and pulling out his device, his fingers slid over the touch screen with practiced ease as he entered his password and pulled down the Notifications slider. Clicking on what he had just received, he returned his attention to where he was walking. Stopping, he sat down at the end of the dirt path. Lowering his legs over the edge, his sandaled feet dangled over the cliff playfully. Checking his phone again, he was pleased to find the application had finished loading.

"I'M AWAKE. CAN YOU RELEASE ME PLEASE? IT IS INCREDIBLY CRAMPED IN HERE. - GILES" The message appeared in a blocky font. Not bothering to reply, Judas' thump tapped the application's home page button which was at the top of the screen. Returning to the base menu, he clicked the "Download" button and held his digivice out behind him, making sure to hold it at a high angle so the digimon would load comfortably. A harsh light burned from the screen of the phone, and within moments, his Guilmon had appeared. "Thank you, Judas." Giles' long, red body suddenly began twitching as he shook himself out from nose to tail, cracking the tip when it reached the end.

"I thought you said that it was a peaceful place to sleep while I traveled?" Grinning at his digimon, Judas patted the dusty ground beside him, an invitation, and turned back to the scene before him. The sun was just beginning to set over the calm waters, the bottom curve just barely beginning to sink into the abyss. "It's peacefulness does nothing for the comfort." Joining his partner, Giles placed his red haunches on the ground beside Judas, hind legs supporting him while his forelegs held him up. Behind him, his tail was splayed out in a relaxed, loose-serpentine fashion.

"Fair enough." Growing silent for a moment, the caped male continued to watch the sun-set with nothing but increasing inspiration. "Imagine it, Giles. The power to swallow the sun." Chuckling once, lightly, he closed his eyes, leaned back (supporting himself with his right arm) and opened them again, once more staring at the sun but still smiling. "Nah. I don't want to sink the sun. I just want people to pay me for its light." He laughed. "I do." ... "What?" After a brief pause, Judas answered, looking up at his Guilmon with a curious expression on his face.

"Oh. Nothing. I didn't mean to say that out loud." Not bothering to look at Judas, the Guilmon chose to focus his attention on a group of dolphins breaching the water. "Where did you say we were?" Choosing to ignore it for now, Judas stopped staring at Giles and refocused on the waters. "Whatever you say. We're at a place called Cabot Beach. We're still on Prince Edward Island." Nodding in response, the Guilmon spun his arms behind him and began to slink away. Following him with his eyes, Judas raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

"What's gotten into him?" Concerned, he watched as the Guilmon slid over to a tree further down the fields and curled up beneath it, staring off into the data-molested sky. Pulling himself off of the ground, Judas dusted off his white cloak and followed after his digimon. Kneeling beside him after an awkward walk over, he placed a hand on his back and ran it down his spine slowly. "Are you alright, bud?" While it was true that Judas was a monster in more ways than Giles, he still felt compassion for the creature. It was his only real friend. He literally had to care about him, because there was nothing else to care for. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just..." Sitting up, Giles leaned back against the tree, folding his arms at his chest.

"I want to have the power to destroy a sun. I know you don't, but I do." Blinking, Judas wasn't sure how to deal. Did Giles just tell him something that he wanted? That was the first time Giles had ever made a request. Up until that point, he had always simply existed with Judas, doing what was asked, thanking for what he received, but never actually asking for anything. "And that's what you want?" Giles' eyes suddenly shifted toward Judas. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes. "More than anything." Opening them again, he stared at Judas with the most serious expression he had ever seen the reptile digimon muster -- and that was something.

"Well alright." Surprised, it was Giles' turn to raise an eyebrow. "You've been a fantastic partner, Giles. You deserve a reward. You'll have your power. I swear it." The red dragon smiled. "Good."

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What Is Your Goal? (Open) Empty Re: What Is Your Goal? (Open)

Post by Silim on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:51 pm

A flickering in the air, like one normally seen during a hot summer day, was the first sign. Slowly, quite a few feet away from the red dinosaur and his Tamer, space began to fold itself inwards - a weird and headache-ensuing process for anyone watching, since reality wasn't supposed to move this way. A clear sign of the involvement of data-streams, it didn't take long before the source of this disturbance became clearer and clearer, peeling itself out of the folded space... One figure red, one figure black. As the figures finally took on a more solid figure, gravity grabbed them - the one in black landed with elegance, the red one had trouble not falling over from the sudden shock.

The one in black was Kanna herself, obviously. A Tamer originating from Japan - but who only returned whenever it was fitting for her own tastes, a girl that did not care for rules. The one in red had a hood up above his head, hiding both face and hair completely - which really didn't help to make him stand out less, considering he was shorter than the girl besides him and his clothing looked like it didn't belong into this world anyway.
"What the... Ep! You couldn't have missed your target more if you tried!" A sudden, annoyed yelp from the girl towards the one in red, who instinctively lowered his head a bit as if to make himself invisible.
"Hey, it's hard enough to transport humans into the network and back. It's not my fault that the data-streams are so weak and chaotic!" A weak response was heard, but even that was overshadowed by another comment of the girl.
"Then would you kindly tell me why you insisted on leaving already anyway? Geez. We wanted to visit a city here in america, not the wilderness. Transport us back to the ruins, and be quick about it. This sunlight is poison for my skin." Someone was certainly not pleased with her current situation, and a resignated sigh was heard from the one besides her.
"But we just... Eh, fine. Hold on a moment..." The being in red raised both hands towards the sky, as if to feel for something that wasn't there, before lowering them again. "As I feared, no chance. We need a stronger collection of data, like a hotspot or one of the old uplink cable slots. We'll have to walk."
"And I know just whose fault that-"
Suddenly, the girl stopped, and turned around to the side. Oh great - she and her partner had just turned into a slapstick comedy for whoever... that guy was! Now she could only hope that this guy didn't speak japanese, or she could throw away any kind of reputition in north america for the next decade or so. The figure in the red cloak also turned to the side and faced the two - underneath the hood, the shadowy face only revealed two slightly shining orange eyes. Although said orange... seemed to flicker a bit? Weird for sure... But not weirder than two figures popping out of nowhere into reality only a few steps away from you.

"Well, this makes things a little easier." Suddenly, Kanna was speaking in fluent, accent-free english like she had always been doing it - although fluent, accent-free english obviously meant ACTUAL english, not the raped abomination americans used. In other words, british english, the only correct kind of english to cross over the lips of a young lady with the class she usually had.
"Hey, you. We got a little off-center with our download - where's the nearest hotspot?" Demanding information straight up, an instant wave of don't disappoint me flooded towards the young man.

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What Is Your Goal? (Open) Empty Re: What Is Your Goal? (Open)

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:19 pm

A mirage, seemingly of heat but time revealed it to be not so, shimmered into existence beside the two, interrupting their conversation. All forms of communication ceased between them. Suddenly, a girl and a ...something were brought into existence. Flashing a look at Giles, he received a minute nod in return. Bringing his attention back to the girl, he listened to the flurry of japanese momentarily, not bothering to even try and translate. Instead, he left Giles to do that. As a Digimon, he was immediately versed in most languages.

Quickly, the digimon repeated what was said under his breath as it was happening. "This is Canada, not America." Using the tree trunk for balance, Judas pulled himself up into a standing position. Ignoring her question, he leaned against the tree. Giles slithered up from his sitting position and stood beside Judas, holding himself high on his hind legs and using his tail for balance. "Secondly, I'd tell you, but I don't really see any reason to." Shrugging, Judas reached toward his face with a gloved hand, although the fingers were cut out, and pulled a long bang out of his vision, slipping it behind his ear.

"Maybe if I had a little more incentive to help you, I would. Until then, I don't think I'll be answering any questions from random girls and their... slave children anytime soon." Shooting the hooded digimon a look that exuded feelings of superiority, Judas pushed himself from the tree and took a few steps forward. "Come, Giles. Let's go see if we can find something to do." Slapping his thigh several times, Judas didn't look at Kanna again. Obediently, the guilmon began following after its tamer. After a few moments of walking, Giles stopped. Turning, Judas smirked.

"What's the issue, Giles?" He asked, even though he believed he knew the answer. "That Digimon... it was pretty powerful, wasn't it?" Nodding, a grin grew on Judas' face. He knew exactly where this was going. "So if I can rip it to shreds... will that mean I'll be considered 'pretty powerful'?" Glancing down at the female and her digimon, Judas simply nodded again. In response, the guilmon turned heel and began prowling back toward the two.

"Pyro Sphere!" Aiming for the robed digimon, Giles wasted no time in attacking. Concentring the powerful orb of fire into his mouth, he launched it toward his opponent. It was released from his mouth with a powerful "whump" sound, arcing and whizzing through the air. The moment it made contact with something, it would expand in a chaotic burst of fire, dealing damage for a total diameter of two meters. "That's my boy. He doesn't waste any time, does he? Watching with a satisfied look on his face, Judas certainly was proud of his little Giles.


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For this technique, the pyro sphere flies at a speed equal to his DCM (Currently 100) and hits for his DCM +15 (115).

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What Is Your Goal? (Open) Empty Re: What Is Your Goal? (Open)

Post by Silim on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:03 pm

"Believe in your heart."

"Canada, america, useless rocks all the same, if everyone is as friendly as you. Crawl under some rocks and die, that'll do the world a favor." Giving back a poisonous response to him so blatantly ignoring his questions, Kanna's eyes seemed to spew forth liquid poison from behind the red color right now, something that slightly worried Epsimon - his partner was very... rash when angry. And she had every reason to be angry right now - she was not used to people ignoring her questions and questioning her authority all in one go so blatantly and with so little regard.

"Come on Kanna, we should go. It looks like there's a way over-" The figure in red didn't even get to finish his sentence as the impending feeling of doom ruptured towards him - his head snapped back towards where the other two had been moments ago, only to see a red dinosaur shooting a fireball. A pretty big, nasty fireball, too - one that could potentially turn him into crisp, nicely fried data-dust if it hit him head-on. But that wasn't what concerned him right now. Kanna stood right besides him, and fireballs like this one caused nasty explosions. She was human - and while her slightly shocked eyes were resting upon the speeding fireball, there was no chance that she'd be able to react in time to get out of the way, or to reach for her Digivice - she had not counted on having to fight all of the sudden. They were mainly travellers, not warriors - but even a traveller like Epsimon had a breaking point.

And this point had been reached the moment danger struck his partner. The roar that was suddenly heard from below the red hood had something primal and through and through angry, as the hands of the timeflow-Digimon shot forward, his Digi-Core rapidly manifesting the power of time within him...
"Time Shard!"
With a glimmer and shining light, a magnitude of small glass shards shot forward, into the center of the burning red fireball, and unleashed their power - and the energy of the colliding attacks ruptured into an explosion. Kanna stumbled backwards, blinded by the dust of the explosion - but no dust could fool her hands, which easily found their way into the pocket of her D-Arc. Rubbing over her eyes with the other, free hand, many not-so-nice curses towards both the red Digimon and his snake of a partner. She would make him scream for forgiveness after Epsimon was through with this crazy red blob!... Although she couldn't help but worry about the sudden outburst of anger from her partner. She wasn't used to him reacting so... violently all of the sudden.

Epsimon himself wasted no actual time. After the first Time Shard ruptured the fireball into nothingness, he jumped right through the dust and searing air - the red hood was ripped away from his head as he jumped over the small crater, and the band holding his hair into a ponytail got lost somewhere along the way. Rushing through the air, the slightly tanned, pointy-eared humanoid had a face twisted by hate now.
"How dare you endager Kanna! Cruel Claw!"
Surrounding his hands with energy, the retractable claws of Epsimon revealed themselves - pointy, sharp little things now circled around by static noises, images and a tint of green energy, before swiping at his opponent with both of them. Unlike normal melee attacks, this one drew it's power from the Digi-Core directly, making it a tricky move to fully dodge or block if one didn't know about the special circumstances. During all this, Kanna had managed to free her eyes from the dust of the explosion, and her right hand was tightly grabbing the D-Arc, tighter than she even realized herself... While the left slowly reached for her cards now.
"Take him down, partner." A low whisper, not meant for anyone but Epsimon.


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What Is Your Goal? (Open) Empty Re: What Is Your Goal? (Open)

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:28 pm

It had reacted just as Giles wished it would have. His pyro sphere had been thwarted. Good. That meant this wasn't going to be boring. It leaped through the air toward him, delivered a fantastically gay monologue about its tamer, revealed itself as an incredibly feminine, humanoid elf digimon, and then attempted to attack him. How foolish. Why would it even try to do something as come close to a fire-breather for combat? It was just a ridiculous notion. Taking in a deep breath, Giles the Guilmon filled his lungs with both air and compressed digital energy. Charging another fire-based sphere into his mouth, the Guilmon roared while unleashing its attack.

"Valley Burn!" Leaping backwards to dodge the slashes and releasing a stream of fire from his mouth at the same time, Giles was propelled through the air from the thrust released by his attack, dodging the Epsimon's attack and countering with one of his own. Meanwhile, Judas stood with his arms bent at his chest, leaning against the wind behind him. In his hand, a white iPhone was clutched. This iPhone was also his digivice. After having scanned his digicard, the only one in his possession, Judas was able to store its data on his phone and activate it without the need for the physical card. It was very convenient.

However, he didn't really feel like his Guilmon needed the card as it was. "I'd call your strange little fairy digimon back, if I were you." The female had already displayed the skill to speak english, So Judas didn't think there would be any harm if he attempted to speak with her. "My Guilmon is on a mission to prove himself, and he won't let anything stand in his way. Currently, your digimon is a milestone for him. If it is weak and pathetic, Giles will just let it be. But if it is strong, he will do everything in his power to crush him."

Stopping for a dramatic pause (and a breath), Judas flashed her a toothy grin. "But no matter what he is, weak or strong, Giles won't stop until he's dead. Call him back. Use his strange warping ability to flee this place. Go now while you can. But you better hurry. His fire doesn't take long to spread." Laughing maniacally, Judas threw his head back in hysterics. Resuming normality rather quickly, Judas simply shrugged and resumed watching, his finger poised patiently over the icon that would activate his personal digi-modify sequence. "Or let them fight. It's up to you. But don't say I didn't warn you."

Still fighting like there was a burner under his ass, Giles landed hard, sliding along the ground. His red, black-clawed feet dug into the ground. His tail snapped suddenly, as the iron muscles in his legs clenched down and compressed like springs, using the force of the thrust from his technique to help strengthen that process. Leaping forward at high speeds, he jumped toward Epsil, concentrating another ball of energy in his mouth. "PYRO SPHERE!" Firing off another powerful, charged shot of energy, the Guilmon showed no mercy.


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The Valley Burn hits for 110.
The Pyro Sphere, again, hits for 115.

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What Is Your Goal? (Open) Empty Re: What Is Your Goal? (Open)

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