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Judas Knightt Empty Judas Knightt

Post by Judas on Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:36 am

Character Template

Name: Judas Knightt

Age: 18

Judas Knightt Sk___hao__for_killingprodigy__by_chizuri

Judas weighs 155 pounds and stands at 5'10".

Judas is a very distinctive young man. The first thing that strikes you his hair. It is ridiculously long. He has a pair of very short, thin bang-spikes that extend down just past his brown eyes. The rest of his hair, however, lies incredibly thick against his head, perfectly straightened, and travels down easily to his lower back. However, toward the front of his head, his hair reduces length to just about nipple distance. Its color matches that of his eyes. Piercing this veil of hair is a pair of bright red, circular earrings that Hao wears, one in each ear.

Possessing a very fit body, Judy has barely-tanned, white skin that is painted over layer upon layer of highly-defined muscle. As a point of pride, Hao doesn't wear a shirt to cover this physical achievement. Instead, he wears a massive white cape that flows down quite comfortably to his feet, stopping just before it reaches the ground to avoid becoming dirty and tattered. For pants, Judas covers his sexy parts with a pair of burgandy trousers. Holding these trousers up is a black belt with a red belt-buckle, upon it is a star depicted in white.

His belt buckle matches his gloves. On each hand, Judas wears a black, fingerless glove (cut off just before his first knuckle, that have a red top and white star depicted on the top. Traveling up each arm is a burgandy leather bracer, the shade of which matching his pants. To go with all of this, Judas wears a pair of burgandy sandels on each foot. These sandles cross at the top of the foot and behind the ankle, gapping to reveal his bare feet several times within the design.

Personality: Judas is a very confident man. Having just recently turned 18 but being much wiser than his years have to offer, he believes he can play the world. A master in deceit, betrayel, and winning at any odds, Judas is a silvertongued master conman with a knack for collecting Broken Digivices, the trophy of the utter destruction he and his digimon have caused. Believing that the world is his oyster, his reward for a great service he has performed in a lifetime before, he works to run every angle he can, simply wishing to control as much as he can, as well as living in the absolute lap of luxury.

When engaged in combat, Judas enjoys taunting his victims, ordering his digimon partner to delay the final blow until he has relished it with much enjoyment. This has led to some very long and bloody fights in the past, with the future probably not much better. When angered to critical points, however, Judas will allow nothing but the most absolute of destructment, not being pleased until the opposition has been completely obliterated. While in this state, Judas is incredibly strict with his words and manners, choosing to glare and remain silent rather than joke and entertain himself with the foe's doom. Preferring to get his digimon to do all the work, Judas very rarely kills anything himself.

When not plotting his next great con or hustling some low-levels for their split, Judas enjoys fine poetry, of all things. He finds that it is a calming way to relax and truly organize his thoughts. Possessing both a heavy collection of ancient poems, as well as an intricate knowledge of their meanings and a small talent in the crafting of poetry himself, Judas can be classified as an artisan of the subject. Because of this, he has a small habit of quoting classic poetry whenever he feels is appropriate, as well as occasionally breaking conversation to discuss poetry with his digimon.

History: Born on a small island just off the east coast of Canada, Judas Knightt was raised on farms until he was eight years old. After that, he was moved to what could be called the "city" of the island, where he simply became another brick in the wall. Developing an interest in punk music by the time he reached the age of thirteen, he fell into a bad crowd. Starting to listen to heavier music and hang out with people who did drugs, Judas found himself doing the same. Developing habits in smoking cigarettes, dope, and drinking, he realized he had a massive amount of potential.

Applying his agricultural knowledge to his social life, Judas began growing marijuana. Selling it and making a profit, he quickly Embraced The Darkness and slipped into a greasy lifestyle. Shedding his skin and becoming a snake, Judas began to gain more and more money. So he got a little frivalous. Bought himself a brand new iPhone 4s, employed private workers on his own bill, and having his own apartment by the age of sixteen, Judas rejected his childhood and gained a hard life in return.

Judas was one of the first to gain a digimon. After buying his iPhone, he purchased a strange app one night that brought a great change upon his life. The app was called "Digi-Egg", and the moment he started it, it began to act weird. His phone suddenly glowed blue. It got so bright that he dropped it. Landing on its back, the light flooded the room. From this light, an egg rose out of the screen. Then the light faded. Catching the egg as it began to fall, Judas had no idea what it was. Setting it on his bed, he went to check on his phone.

He was freaking out. Was this the effect of some drug he was on? Had he been slipped something earlier? Just what the fuck was happening here? Looking on his screen, he found his "Digi-Egg" app had changed. No longer had it a macro image of an Egg. Now, it had the image of an oldschool Digivice and the name underneat it. Digivice. Clicking it, he scrolled through some blank options before coming to a "Read.me" file. Opening it, he consumed the knowledge found within.

This was a Digimon. A creature created from the human data and cross-communication networks. Unfortunately, its home was being destroyed so it was coming through the phone to the real world to exist instead. This digimon had been watching Judas and had chosen him based on his personality as viewed through his phone. And just what was his phone? It was the epicenter of everything he did. Every deal. Every scam. Every fake Happy Birthday. It was the slimiest of tools in his ownership, because it knew him the best. The digimon even left him a quote.

"What a man knows not, he to use requires,
And what he knows, he cannot use for good. "

This was a sign that the two were meant to work together. Looking up from his phone toward the egg, Judas grinned. Oh yes. This was another gift. A reward. Going back toward the egg, he picked it up and began rubbing it a few times, as the instructions told him to. The egg suddenly began to glow, and when the light faded, a small red digimon was in his hands.

It was young, but it would grow. This was just a seed. The Seed of Chaos.

Roleplaying Sample: Judas strolled into the room, slamming open the door with the hard palm of his hand. The wooden plank struck the wall hard, bounced off, and suddenly floated free for a few moments. Taking long strides into the room, the grin on Judas' face reflected the evil on his mind. "So, this is where you've all come to hide, is it?" Laughing, his brown eyes poured over the surroundings. Four wooden bar stools, roughly up to his chest. On each, a scared looking bearded man nervously drank from a mug of ale.

Chairs and tables were littered back along the bar, a few billiards tables placed along the back wall. Here and there, a man or woman was placed in the oily bar, existing in the dim light to the beat of Pink Floyd blasting through the stereo system. A cue ball struck against its mark, the pink striped ball falling into the corner pocket. Then all was silent. "Well, where is he? Bring him to me or we'll kill you all." A shadow sauntered up to Judas' side.

Placing his hand on the dog-sized red reptile, Judas slouched slightly where he stood. These vermin weren't worth his full posture. "My guilmon here will burn this place down at a whim." Opening its mouth to reveal rows of razor sharp, large, carnivorous teeth, a ball of red energy began to form in its mouth. As it charged this powers, its humanically colored eyes changed to simply glow white in its entireity. "You have until the count of three."

"Alright, alright. Call him off." Before Judas could even begin counting, a man stepped out from the kitchen. It was strange, watching the elderly business man approach, navy blue suit, wrinkled skin, black leather suitcase, and gawk in horror at the teenaged boy and his scarlet dinosaur companion. In response, the guilmon closed its mouth, dispersing the energy it had collected. Placing the briefcase on a table, Judas nodded for him to open it. Inspecing the money inside, he laughed.

"Well done, mate. Toss it here." The business partner closed the suit case and threw it toward Judas, who caught it with deft precision. Taking a low bow, he turned to walk out of the door. His guilmon followed without an order required. Suddenly, a low whisper could be barely heard coming from Judas' direction. The guilmon stopped. It turned. It opened its mouth again. "Pyro Sphere!" It roared, releasing the ball of energy from its mouth. It flew through the air at incredible speeds, before striking the liquor wall.

Turning, it followed after Judas, its master, content as ever. As Judas left, he smiled in pleasure. His guilmon had obeyed him precisely. He had gotten his money. And that rat bastard would never try to cheat him again. Yes. Life was good.


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Judas Knightt Empty Re: Judas Knightt

Post by Silim on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:26 pm

Approved the silver-tongue. Intermediate rank for you.


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