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Loki Xristo(DONE)

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Loki Xristo(DONE) Empty Loki Xristo(DONE)

Post by Loki on Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:23 pm

Name: Loki Xristo

Age: 22

Loki Xristo(DONE) 650aff28
Loki is 6´2ft that's about 1.88meters, and weighs in roughly 175lbs which is 79.5kg. He has almost shoulder length brown hair and wears a hat most of the time, just to keep his hair out of his eyes. He has a slightly tan skin tone, brown eyes and has a muscular build. He also styles sideburns and a very fashionable goatee.

Loki wears a white vest that is grey on the back, and a dark-green button-up shirt that has the sleeves rolled up to his forearm just past his elbow. He wears a dark purple bead bracelet on his left arm along with a digital watch. On his right arm he wears a small white with green outline wrist band. He wears black dress pants and white dress shoes with brown details, and a white and green belt.

Despite being a member of a very wealthy, Loki is not very boastful of his lineage; he believes that one's reputation must comefrom their own actions, not their birthrights. He is seen as cool and calm, and able to process any information he may recieve, no matter how shocking or disappointing it may be. Loki often appears aloof and indifferent, and rarely shows any emotions other than slight annoyance or dissatisfaction. He thinks highly of himself, though he is protective of his teammates. He cares little for others, and thinks that digimon are amusing.

With the ambition to walk the path of conquest, he desires to become stronger, even at the expense of others. He believes that struggle is the only way for survival. He reprimands Agumon for this constantly, and believes he himself is naive. Although Loki maintains a cool, uncaring exterior, the presence of Agumon's constant will to never give up and protect his friends is affecting the way he defines power, and is also proof of his growing compassion.

Loki is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal, even if it means lying to his followers and using people as bait for the outcome he desires. However, he has trouble putting those he is close to in harms way forthe sake of his goal, which he finds is a weakness. Gradually, however, he has come to embrace the fact that he has to destroy before reconstruction can occur. He views equality and justice as an evil that must be dispelled and encourages social battle to maintain evolution within society.

Loki was born into a very wealthy and influential family in New York City, USA.. During his child hood he was expected to be better then those around him at sports and school. His parents weren't around that much when he was growing up so he was usually with his butler Gerard and his nanny Helen. He was pretty popular at school as he had excellent grades and was good at football, basketball, and soccer.

During his high school years he began to change his thoughts towards people, and society itself. He noticed people began to talk about the new app for smatphones the Diggi-Egg app, a few of his classmates even took pictures of themselves with their digimon. Loki thought that most of the digimon look week and pitiful. He thought if he was ever-going to get one he would get one that looked fierce and proud. He kept putting the idea of having and digimon on hold for the time being.

His senior year of high School, his parents died in terrible plane crash leaving him behind with a very vast fortune. He felt a bit lonely as his parents were gone and decided that it was time he himself got a digimon even if it was to amuse him. He downloaded the Diggi-Egg app and went through the pages until he saw an AgumonX and downloaded him. He sat there in his waiting for something to happen. A few hours went by and Loki thought that he got ripped off as nothing happened as he picked up his phone a bright light came from it and a digi-egg appeared.

He didn't know what to do so he waited until the egg hatched much to his excitement AgumonX appeared before him. He looked at him and deiced he would call AgumonX Aki. As fate would have the government decided to pull the plug on that night. Loki then decided to travel the world with Aki, and discover new things and to see how powerful a digimon could become.

Roleplaying Sample:
You know how I RP dickface e.e


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Loki Xristo(DONE) Empty Re: Loki Xristo(DONE)

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:05 pm

Approved for Intermediate.


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