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Kanna Arcureid

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Kanna Arcureid Empty Kanna Arcureid

Post by Silim on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:51 am

Character Template

Name: Kanna Arcureid

Age: 17

Appearance: Kanna Arcureid 20a3nyd

Kanna is rather short, standing at 1.55 meters only. She has a rather petite build, a very slender figure and still has a great confidence in her stance - it makes her look a lot more imposing than she actually is. She has blonde, long hair, which is usually mostly kept in two pigtails held together by black ribbons. Some of the hair closer to the front side of her head is free floating though, giving her a unique appearance. The shape of her two pigtails have lead to people calling her 'rabbit' before. Her face lacks any kind of obvious flaw - a near perfect shape, good symmetry and last but not least, red-orange eyes that change color in the eye of the viewer depending on the light around them while looking. One final quirk is that her teeth have a sharpened shape, making it look like she has small vampire fangs from time to time. She does nothing to discourage the idea of her being a vampire.
Kanna also prefers dresses over most other clothing. Her usual style has a very 'gothic lolita' style to it, though with a personal twist thanks to not being a fashion victim and blindly following a certain group of people. She usually prefers black as the main color, closed shut with red, small ribbons. While her dresses are usually a bit tighter around the waistline, they are a bit wider and flowing farther down around the hips and legs, not entirely reaching the ground and thus revealing black boots underneath. Said boots go up until under the knees, although that part is not openly visible. Parts of the dress usually have white frills on their respective cloth ends, like around the overlaying parts where the upper parts of the dress go into the lower one. Two red crosses dot the cloth on the shoulder, and the respective sleeves are actually detachable sleeves without any real connection to the main part of the clothing. The wide, flowing black cloth on the shoulder parts extends to the front of her chest, which is hidden underneath a red, big ribbon - which both serves to hide the fact that Kanna is nearly flat as a board. Red end-lines are right infront of the white frills on both of the rather long sleeves. The dress has way more pockets hidden on it than one would think, which hold all kinds of stuff for Kanna, and thanks to how it is cut, it doesn't impede her movement one bit. A final decoration are two folded forwards 'bat-wings' which are stitched onto the dress slightly above Kanna's butt.

Personality: Kanna is a sheming and manipulative girl. Incredibly confident in herself, she can drive people mad simply with her attitude alone, and her unnerving calm aura doesn't help people trying to understand what she is thinking. Getting people to do as she says comes naturally for the most part, but she does like to make long-term plans for a lot of different things, although her goals rarely expand farther than her own ambitions and getting herself farther. It can lead to her seeeming cold and cruel quite easily, and she certainly doesn't mind appearing as such - it keeps idiots away, as she says.
The only thing she shows genuine interest in are Digimon and the nature of the digital world - it's destruction was one of the few things that truely upset her quite a bit, and from there, a strong dislike for current authorities and governments steems from it - she certainly wouldn't even blink twice if someone bombed the white house into rubble, nor would she care if someone shot every single nation leader of europe. Digimon are a form of entertainment for her as well, which leads to a rather odd relationship between her and her partner.
Kanna also has a certain love for music, and is able to play the piano quite well, a skill that she learned from her Digimon-partner.

History: Kanna is half-japanese in heritage, and grew up in japan. Despite standing out amongst others a lot, she was quickly proven to be a prodigy - her parents were extremely proud of their little genius, but had little time or love to spare for her thanks to their own work. This helped quite a bit with the development of the uncaring side of Kanna herself - and also helped her learn deception and manipulation to take perfect advantage of her caretakers during the times her parents were away, which was almost always.
School was of little consequence or trouble to her - soon, nobody even questioned her not being in class, considering she still passed all exams with the best possible score anyway, and trying to get a hold of her and talk to her often resulted in headaches for the teachers. The girl was too smart for her own good, they said. So instead, Kanna spent her time on the internet while it still existed - programming, analyzing, all things needing logical thought were her new playground. Soon, she was noticed doing so - noticed by a inhabitant of the digital world existing within the world wide web, one of the oldest ones living there. Seeking a partner to escape a terrible fate that he still left unspecified, he offered power to Kanna in exchange for the ability to travel to the real world - a partnership.
And thus it happened that a teenage Kanna executed the Time.mon file on her laptop. Needless to say, she needed a new one after doing so.

After her partner recovered from the stress of changing worlds a bit, she went on first expeditions to the digital world, just as more and more Digimon appeared, integrated themselves into the world and spread word of the terrible plan that would potentially cause the digital world to be destroyed. Kanna's partner urged her to join the protests of Tamers across the globe, but she wanted to observe first - and was too late as a result. The digital world was destroyed, and ever so slightly, she began to change - a lot colder towards humans that thought it necessary, and a lot more caring towards Digimon... Maybe even apologetic. After all, humans had just committed genocide on Digimon for their own needs only.

Roleplaying Sample: You know how I RP.


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Kanna Arcureid Empty Re: Kanna Arcureid

Post by Judas on Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:36 pm

Approved for Intermediate.


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