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Post by Judas on Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:35 pm

This site uses two special types of stats. The first are Appointed Stats, which are simply determined by a factor outside of skill increase. The player does not directly edit those. The second type of stat is elective stat, which players put points into when making a character.

No elective stat may reach 151 points or more. Total stats cap at 500, individual stats (elective) cap at 150.

Appointed Stats
Filesize: This is the grand total of your stats put together. It does not get stats put into, but simply automatically changes to reflect the total of your stats. Three quarters of this stat makes up a Digimon's stamina stat. An alternate name for it is Megabytes. It is shortened to "Mb's". In order for a digimon to digivolve, it must have a certain number of points in its Megabyte stat. This is as follows. This stat itself my not be lower than 30 (every stat must have a minimum of 10 in it).

30 -125 - Rookie
125-250 - Champion
250-375 - Ultimate
375 - 500 - Mega

Stamina: This stat is similar to the Megabyte stat in which it does not have points put into it, but are actually a total of the following stats. This stat is used to determine how many techniques it is capable of using before it is too tired to continue. It is equal to three-quarters the Megabyte stat of the Digimon.

Elective Stats
Digi-Code Manipulation: This stat determines just how powerful your digimon's special attacks are. By rearranging their digital code, they are capable of increasing their power levels. Things such as fireballs, missiles, energy blasts, and force-fields are powered by this stat. It is shortened to "DCM".

Physical Strength: This stat provides a look at how much force a digimon is capable of exerting with its body. This stat powers things such as punches, kicks, tail slams, sword strikes, etc. Some things are powered by this stat for special cases, for example, a digimon's speed it also determined by this stat. It is shortened to "Str/Spd".

Physical Durability: This stat determines how much damage a digimon takes before it is wounded, as well as how much damage it can withstand over-all. It is shortened to "Def".

How are stats compared?
We use a specific chart in order to determine the level of dominance that one digimon has compared to the other in regards to stats. By comparing the difference between the two, one is capable of determining which outcome would most likely come out of the situation.

Wreckage: 75 and up
This is the absolute difference two ideas can be. Wounds begin to take "Fatal" priority at this level on a casual basis.
Destruction: 60 -75
Utter annihilation! When the attacker has this much superiority, they begin to do some seriously "Lethal" damage. Now you're just playing with them.
Impaired: 34 - 60
Finally, shit is starting to get broken. This is when real damage begins to happen. Wounds of a "Significant" level start here.
Damaged: 30 - 45
Finally, there's a clear superior in the ring. When a stat has "Damaged" dominance over another, they are the favorite for victory. However, some smart thinking can potentially overcome this advantage.
Scratched: 15 - 30
There is an advantage between the two stats, but it is almost unnoticeable. However, it is still capable of coming out as the clear victor.
Matched: 0-15
If the difference in stats is anywhere between 0 and 30, there is almost no difference between the two. Damage done would be very little.

How are stats gained?
Stats are gained through purchase, using Gained Experienced as currency. This system dictates how far along your character is, as well as Filesize and Skills. There are various ways to gain Experience on the site, but the main and simplest way is through posting in threads that display quality writing and excellent character development.

Gaining Exp. through a thread is simple. All you have to do is add up every post's character sum (through the display page, not coding. I am not grading you on how much coding you use) and divide by 200 (two hundred) when you cash in your points. To cash them in, simply post in your digivice page that you are cashing in a thread and use this template.

[b]Thread Name:[/b]
[b]Character Total:[/b]
[b]Experience Claiming:[/b]

After it is approved, feel free to put it in your Experience Bar, and then distribute it among your stats. More information in the actual Digivice Page.


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