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The Rules

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The Rules

Post by Judas on Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:12 pm

Universal Rules

1.) Respect Yourselves, Staff, and Each Other
Please, no flaming, taunting, sabatoging, etc. Just be nice. Or by the power of Zeus, I'll strike you all down. Oh, but this doesn't mean you can't swear. I fucking love swearing. However, it does mean you should keep content semi-appropriate. I guess.

2.) No Metagaming
Make sure your character isn't displaying knowledge of things they shouldn't know.

3.) No Godmodding
Your characters are YOURS. No one elses. No one else should be able to control them, just as you are not allowed to control other characaters.

4.) No Powerplaying
You cannot dictate exact damage done, or strikes performed. Everything must be "attempted". Successful strikes are left to the discretion of the recipient, however, if a hit is dodged that should have been hit, simply ask a staff member to take a look at it.

5.) Wait until Registered
Until your Tamer, Digimon, and Digivice are completely registered, please do not post with your characters.

6.) Language
This is an english-dominant roleplaying forum. That means you must write your official posts in the English language. Furthermore, I expect quality writing. Please spellcheck your posts, refrain from using any slang, text-talk, or abbreviations, and please, take some pride in your writing.

7.) Posting
All official posts must be a minimum of 200 words.

Creation Rules

1.) Although you may register for all forms of digivolution, you will only start with what you are capable of affording.

2.) Please try and keep your character's powers balanced.
I hate nothing more than 15 characters, each capable of destroying a universe by blinking. Seriously. Be reasonable.

3.) Follow all minimums set in the template explanation pages.

4.) You may have one character per account. Of course, if you're a tamer, this means both a Tamer and a Digimon. You may have as many accounts as you'd like. However, if this rule begins to get abused, it will be limited.

5.) Unless special exception is given, no player will start off with Two digimon. If twin digimon are awarded, all costs are doubled. Also, two Digivice sheets will have to be filled out, etc.

Combat Rules
1.) Every post, your character is only capable of performing a certain number of actions. Every technique costs 1 action, as do simple attacks. A character is capable of performing 1 action for every level of skill in "Digi-Soul" purchased.

Every time a rule is broken, I will think of a fitting punishment to bestow upon you all. Muahuahauha


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